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(Some of which may relate to The Isle of Man)

Back again, but no better!

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As will be seen, the site is still under construction. But what will you see when it is ready?

Perhaps a few pictures of the man from the 30-odd films in which he has attempted to appear, while the stardom he craved has proved elusive?
 Links to useful and interesting sites? Perhaps a song  by a favourite but neglected artist?

In the meantime:-
        Anybody who is really interested in Manx Heritage must be a regular visitor to Frances Coakley's
wonderful mine of information, "
A Manx Notebook"
Anybody who might be interested in the Isle of Man's National Health Service might be interested in reading,
or even downloading, Gellion's book on its beginning and early years, "The Birth of a Service"
Every piece of television music you probably will ever want is here

<>For those with happy memories (!) of the treats previously on offer, click here

<>Something you might like to try to keep you occupied during the Christmas Holiday is the
<>George Herdman, Port Erin, Library Christmas Quiz, you can download  here  O
<>We will hope for something even better in time, so keep hoping.